Western Literature Association Blog

The  new (January 2009) blog of this long established association has few entries called up by a search for the word "Texas," but Texas western writers have long kept the association in their bearings.  It's still new; give it a chance to grow.
Its self-description begins "The blog is associated with the Western Literature Association, and our intended goal with the WLA Blog is to provide a forum for accessible and readable commentary on and analysis of the literature, culture, and popular culture of the American West.
In keeping with the Western Literature Association's goals and purposes, the WLA Blog is interested in the study of the West in all its varied aspects, the frontier, the Trans-Mississippi United States, the frontier experiences of other nations (especially Canada and Mexico), and in the multiple forms (film, literature, music, etc.) through which the West has been represented.
We hope the WLA Blog will provide a lively forum for readers and writers interested in the American West."

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