See the Sites - THC - Blogging for Historical Sites

    Recently the Texas Historical Commission began a blog "See the Sites."  The postings' focus on particular historical sites, with some attention to current events at those.  The narrative is supplmented with colorful photos.  And there's a touch of experimentation with embedding video.  Over a dozen postings so far.
See the Sites:  telling the real stories at the real places of Texas: From western forts to Victorian mansions and pivotal battlegrounds, the Texas Historical Commission's 20 state historic sites exemplify a breadth of Texas history. Come explore the real stories at the real places.


Real Texas Blog - David Werst

Real Texas Playlist     ALERT!!  David Werst has escaped into light supervision status with his retirement from the Texas journalism business.  But in order to give cover of the nature of his diurnal and noctural proclivities, he's been given possession of a computer.  And we're all the better for it.  His Real Texas Blog is a humane exploration of his werst werld.  Actually, I believe his best production is his several minute introduction to his Chicken House Plan by video (he's got an associated Youtube account).  And there's the brisket, stuffed jalapeno, and tamle lessons.  The capper is the Somali cruise option, offering, yes, second amendment accoutrements.  But David mainly plumbs the deeper, poignant, social side in Real Texas - even drilling for water and a funeral.
For a little reality, pleasanties, and an occasional slap of the leg, read David Werst.



TexDraft's Blog is architectural and Austin centric.  And it also has a considerable historical building interest.  The blog bears watching to see if it can maintain its historical theme over time.  Good images.
It's self-description is "TexDraft, LLC is an architectural services company specializing in the measurement of existing structures. Francis Mougne founded the firm in 2006 and brings over 12 years of experience to every project. Our as-built drawings are of the highest quality with exceptional detail and accuracy. Delivered in a timely manner TexDraft will streamline all your projects. Our Clients include architects, engineers, building owners and home owners and we measure buildings of all shapes and sizes, residential, commercial or otherwise. Give us a call today or drop us an email."
Recent posts include
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  • The Scoot Inn – Music & Old Texas Architecture
  • Fannie Davis Town Lake Gazebo
  • More Home Slice Pizza & Art & Architecture
  • Austin's Mexican American Cultural Center
  • Airstream Architecture
  • Early Texas Architecture