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Maritime Texas

MARITIME TEXAS : An Eclectic Blog of People, Places, and Events
Self-description: "Welcome aboard Maritime Texas, an interdisciplinary blog dedicated to the rich maritime heritage of our state. We hope this blog will be both fun and rewarding, and will provide opportunities for discussion and better understanding of this exciting subject."
An excellent blog on Texas historical and archeological affairs.
Good vintage and modern graphics with narrative.  Some videos.  Side panel demonstrates thoughtful grouping of postings by topic.  User audience: Techies to students.
Contributors are well qualified academics and experienced mariners:  Amy Borgens, Edward Cotham, Jr., Andy Hall, Craig Hlavinka,  Layne Hedrick, Tom Oertling, and Daniel J. Warren. 


Chicano Poet - Reyes Cardenas

Chicano Poet:  ... you shall not find peace until you and your origins reconcile ... comes from Reyes Cardenas of Papalote, Texas.  He self-describes "My writings have been published in various places including,Caracol, El Grito,and Place of Herons Press.   My books include Anti-Bicicleta Haiku,Survivors of the Chicano Titanic,Elegies For John Lennon and I Was Never A Militant Chicano.   All my books are available in ebook form from Alexander Street Press."
His own poems and others, with photo proving life abounds.  A recent poem begins
Los Good Old Days

"I pull out my mariachis
to serenade you under your window

you shyly tug at the curtains
as if they were made of flesh


Robb Walsh's Texas Food Writer's Blog

Journalist and author of several Texas culinary books, Robb Walsh holds forth in his "Food Writing from the Lone Star State."  Postings are historical, technical, contemporary-pop, recipes, etc. with excellent photos and videos at  http://www.robbwalsh.com/