Being Texican - Laura Garcia's blog

Being Texican - Mexican life adapting to the great nation of Texas

Being Texican:  Mexican Life Adapting to the Great Nation of Texas
Her self-description is "My name is Laura Garcia. I was born in Mexico City a 25th of July in 1987. I have lived almost all of my life in Monterrey Mexico and am currently studying at UT Austin for a year exchange program. I will be going back home in May. Since being here I have learnt to appreciate where I come from and cherish the valuable cultural heritage I was born into. I hope this exploration of my own culture and experiment of living in Texas can prove useful and entertaining to you =)"
Laura's blog is new.  It offers her (and maybe us) the opportunity to watch her compare, contrast, and mix being Mexican and Texan.  She studies journalism and media.  She has posted, among other things, one book review, Mexican Enough by Stephanie Elizondo Griest.

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