Houston Radio History

The blog "Houston Radio History: A salute to Houston broadcasters and broadcasting" is about to post its 100 posting on their topic. 

Its quite admirably done.  It's not just a collections of anecdotes out of chronological sequence.  The side bar allows readers to select the period of their interest or even scoot into television history of the Bayou City.  And the graphics are attractive.
The annotation for HRH given in "Texas Blog Notes" is
"A History of broadcasting in Houston and the surrounding area from before World War I, taken from newspaper accounts, official documents and interviews." By Bruce Williamson.  Statement of Purpose begins: "Discussions of the origins of radio in Texas usually recite developments and achievements in Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin and San Antonio while developments in the early years in Houston are often overlooked" and continues on.' "
You may wish to get Chris Varela's book  "Kotton, Port, Rail Center: A History of Early Radio in Houston" reviewed at http://texasbookshelf.blogspot.com/search?q=radio


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