French Legation Site and Blog

The Daughters of the Republic of Texas begin their website with this information:
"Nestled in a quiet, green corner of the bustling modern capital of the State of Texas, the French Legation was originally built in 1840-41 to be the residence of the charge d' affaires who represented the government of France in the Republic of Texas.

The Legation became the home of Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Robertson in 1848, remaining in their family until 1949, when it was acquired by the State of Texas. Under the custodianship of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, the site has been lovingly restored and furnished with items original to its time period. It is the oldest extant frame structure in Austin." Read more at http://www.frenchlegationmuseum.org/

The French Legation Museum Blog http://frenchlegation.wordpress.com/  was started in December 2008.

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