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    The Houston Chronicle blog Texas on the Potomac for last several months has been rather steady in adding 2, 3, or 4 entries a week to their Today in Texas History postings.  Enough to keep regular tabs on, good reading.  I've added it to my Yahoo homepage.  You may want to try it.


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Twenty-five percent of Texas terrain is karst, a paradise to geologists, paleontologists, archaeologists, photographers and spelunkers. Caverns that are open to the public attract many tourists. These underground sanctuaries naturally maintain a constant near-room temperature year round. Some areas are wheelchair accessible, while a few offer 'wild cave tours' for the adventurous, with no trails or electric lights, and visitors, carrying flashlights, must be lowered into some passages by rope.

Continuing westward, Garner State Park encompasses canyons, streams, cliffs, and ten acres of riverfront. Enjoy river tubing, pedal boats, swimming, golfing, nature trails with an abundance of wildlife, bike riding, dancing, and a Cowboy Sunset Serenade. Facilities include campsites, screened shelters and cabins, a dining hall, and shower and laundry facilities. Note - pets are not allowed inside any of the buildings.

If you enjoy a good mystery, head to Marfa to see the famous Marfa Lights. Various explanations for the mysterious, dancing lights range from 'ghosts of conquistadores' to the more scientific 'mirage caused by atmospheric conditions.' They can be seen on clear nights about nine miles east of Marfa on U.S. Highway 90 between Marfa and Paisano Pass.

A few miles south of Marathon, on 385, civilization vanishes as you enter Big Bend country. Across the cactus studded landscape, rock peaks and jagged cliffs reach into a clear sky. Big Bend offers a sense of freedom and wildness to those seeking escape from the stresses of modern life. Enjoy the quiet solitude of the Chisos Mountains or ride the Rio Grande River rapids. link exchange
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