Texas Cockroach

    square-logo-tcr.jpgHmm, how do you solve a interpretative problem like the Texas Cockroach.,. seems to have started just this month.

It's not under your sink, it's at MySanAntonio http://voices.mysanantonio.com/texascockroach/

It's a blog companion site to their website at http://www.texascockroach.com/ .  

Their self-description:  "The Texas Cockroach is a satirical newspaper from the mythical small town of LaCucaracha, Texas. In LaCucaracha, football is king, and citizens have a choice of 137 churches. The Texas Cockroach parodies the unique culture, lifestyle and politics found nowhere else but Texas. Pour yourself a tall glass of iced tea, sit back, and take a virtual stroll through the streets of LaCucaracha. God Bless Texas."

The blog takes pieces from the website and posts partials here with a "Read more" link which takes you to their main website.   It's so new, we'll watch to see if it takes on its own life as well.  Yes it's about a small Texas town, La Cucaracha, with the distilled, reduced essences, flavors, and quirks of Texas life.  Popular life styles, sports, religion, politics enjoy deflation.  Surrender your imaginary grip on sanity and be prepared to laugh at yourself and others

Visit the online store http://www.cafepress.com/texascockroach

And a Facebook page



Anonymous said...

do you need drug rehab. theres even one in texas

Anonymous said...

I've been keeping up with the Texas Cockroach on their website almost daily. This stuff is just hilarious! Where do they come up with all of this? Being from Texas, I can relate to this little "town!"